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Every improvement process starts with independent advice


To supply a perfect product or service time after time, every single step in your supply chain must take place faultlessly. Is your organisation experiencing growth? Do things frequently go wrong with the order process? Are the requirements placed on you by the market changing? If so, it would be advisable to have an external party scrutinise your supply chain. As an independent sup-ply chain advisor, I can provide you with an understanding of the bottlenecks, causes and solutions.

Supply chain advice for a wide range of issues

Supply chains are often long and complicated. This means that identifying any weaknesses is a diffi-cult and time-consuming job, particularly if you don't have the time, manpower or experience with the supply chain. I can advise you about the following supply chain issues:

Analyse en advies
advies en analyse

I can advise you about the following supply chain issues:

  • How can we reduce the costs in the chain?
  • How can we improve the efficiency of our procurement process?
  • How do we improve our delivery performance further still?
  • What is the best way of managing our product portfolio?
  • How do we set up our service logistics for product A?
  • How can we optimise customer service?
  • How can we improve teamwork with supply chain partners?
  • How do we develop a good sales and operations planning (S&OP) strategy?

These are just a few of the questions that I could answer for you.

Supply chain scan: gathering and analysing facts

By means of a supply chain scan, I analyse how the links in a chain are performing, both individually and in relation to one another. I use the results of this scan to show you where the opportunities and threats lie. Whilst performing the scan, I focus on the one hand on gathering and examining figures and data, such as procurement, stock, supply chain and financial analyses and on the other hand I talk to people in the workplace and the management team The scan will take approximately 2 weeks.

Supply chain advice: solutions and advantages

Analysis of the facts will result in one or more improvement proposals, for example, to lower the costs of a specific process step, or to make these costs more flexible. In my advice, I take into ac-count your market, your strategy and the culture, systems and assets present in your organisation. You will receive a clear overview of results, suggested measures for tackling problems and the sup-ply chain benefits that can be achieved.

Do you require a clear supply chain analysis or advice?

Call +31 6 37 15 52 49 or send an email tto arrange an appointment. I would be delighted to visit you to discuss any constraints or shortfalls you are experiencing and how I could resolve these for you.

Do you have a supply chain problem?

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